Kristine Narvida

Kristine Narvida is a Latvian academic visual artist born in 1977. She graduated in 2006 as a Magister at the Latvian Art Academy in Riga. She lives and works in Germany in Berlin and Potsdam and is mother of four daughters. She is an active member of the Brandenburg Association of Artists. She presents and sells her fine artwork throughout Europe and globally with online galleries. Kristine prefers working with oil on linen, using models as her subjects.

Artist Statement

The relationship between certain parts of the work and its entireness excites her. She shapes her space of solitude and the work that evolves lives its own life, defiantly independent of her. She is using color as a powerful accent, and she likes to wonder how colors happen to maintain the dimensions in constant tension. That is awareness of fulfillment that can just as instantly disappear. Her search involves clear form-expressed messages, in which what is present asks for the truth. It involves knowledge, experience and an explanation. She goes through this process, to overcome herself and this leads to the choice she is making and gives her joy as a creator.

“The organic, cyclical course of things, conceding and at the same time the developments of their own experience, following, happens something like the liberation of the artist from himself, Kristine Narvida`s ability to see what is.

Narvida`s works can be a real experience of art, because it is the language of signs and images for you to speak to a wide field of meaning and significance. She keeps a clear balance between content and design, without being lost in explanations and concepts, exploring the excellence of form and technique.“

Interview with Borislav Palic, 2014, in Kopaonik.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via if you are interested in obtaining my fine artwork. Follow me on social media: Kristina Narvida art