Kristine Narvida

Kristine Narvida was born in 1977 in Bauska, Latvia. In 2004, she made her Bachelor’s degree in the Art Academy of Latvia, department of visual communication. Her master’s degree (Magister) she obtained in 2006 as well at the Art Academy of Latvia.

Since 1997 Kristine Nrvida is participating in group exhibitions in Latvia, Germany and Serbia. She has multiple scholarships from the Latvian cultural capital Foundation and received repeated appraisal from the Latvian Ministry of Culture.


“The organic, cyclical course of things, conceding and at the same time the developments of their own experience, following, happens something like the liberation of the artist from himself, Kristine Narvida`s ability to see what is.

Narvida`s works can be a real experience of art, because it is the language of signs and images for you to speak to a wide field of meaning and significance. She keeps a clear balance between content and design, without being lost in explanations and concepts, exploring the excellence of form and technique.“

Interview with Borislav Palic, 2014, in Kopaonik.